3h Serves: 50 Medium Favorites (0) italian dinner lunch


  • Pork legs
  • 1.15% Salt
  • 1% Fennel
  • 1% Paprika
  • 0.25% Chili Flakes
  • 5-10% Tomato Sauce
  • Olive Oil


  1. Use as many pork legs as you like, 1 or 2 is good, each leg is around 15-20 lbs
  2. Butcher the leg by removing as much fat as you want and remove from bone
  3. Cut into pieces that can fit a grinder machine
  4. Add salt to grinded meat, based on weight of the meat
  5. Add fennel
  6. Add paprika
  7. Add chili flakes
  8. Add tomato sauce
  9. Add a bit of olive oil, around 100g for 2 legs worth, adjust for your size
  10. Mix all ingredients well with meat
  11. Pipe into intestines (sausage casings)
  12. Poke small holes with needle and tie with rope to form links
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