Poolish Bread

Poolish Bread


  • Poolish
  • 500g Flour
  • 500g water
  • 0.4g (scant 1/8 tsp) yeast

  • Bread
  • 1000g poolish
  • 500g flour (400g white, 100g whole wheat)
  • 21g salt
  • 3g (3/4 tsp) yeast
  • 260g water


  1. Make poolish 6pm, let ferment overnight
  2. Mix other ingredients 8am
  3. 3 sets of stretch and folds in first hour
  4. total bulk rise around 4 hours
  5. Shape and proof for one hour at 11am
  6. Bake at noon, 25m covered in dutch oven at 500F, then 20m uncovered at 475F
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